Small Pet Select - Young At Heart Blend Herbal Blend - B01FGKIP7I

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  • Help Your Elder Animal Feel Young At Heart- Our rabbit food & guinea pig food blend was specifically created to address & manage elder animal concerns.

  • Make Aging Easier- We address the aches & pains of old age by making our blend anti-inflammatory & a mild analgesic, as well as cancer-fighting & a general immune boost.

  • Keep Those Toxins Flushed- Young At Heart is a kidney & liver tonic, helping to prevent urinary tract issues; our mix will also help your companion eliminate bad fats & prevent high cholesterol.

  • Encourage Healthy Eating- Keep that healthy figure by providing some extra calories & good fats. Young at Heart offers some rabbit treats & guinea pig treats that encourage proper eating.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed- For you and your loved one!

  • Do whole foods matter?

    Whole foods provide micronutrients in a natural way that the body expects & can understand (dried, powdered, or frozen). Isolated vitamins (e.g. synth supplements) don’t bring all of the pieces of the puzzle together- the body can’t understand them, so it can’t fully use them.

    We keep your pet’s nutrients bioavailable- nothing removed or extracted from the original plant, so our bunny treats & guinea pig treats provide the utmost benefit to your pet.

    What is the benefit of variety?

    Small animals are natural foragers. In the grasslands, they don’t eat just 1 type of food. They eat a bit of this & that, based on what’s available seasonally.

    Without variety, they suffer a lack of trace minerals & other nutritional components.

    Without the variety necessary to allow them to bite, chew, & pull at bark, mouth health can deteriorate, detrimentally affecting overall health.

    Hay & pellets can keep them alive. But fresh greens, as well as a varied diet to mimic forage, can help them truly thrive.

    What makes Young At Heart different?

    We care about your pets, almost as much as you do. Supporting pet health is our passion. Whenever we discover something that will help your little one, we bring it to you.

    Play our diet game with your little one. Hide little bits of our bunny snacks & guinea pig snacks in their play area- under their tent, stuffed into their chew toy, at the bottom of their hay- they get to do a little natural foraging, hunting for the good stuff, just like they would in the meadow.

    Feeding suggestions: Daily, up to 3 Tb/10 lbs of body weight. Most effective when used with Vitamix to meet the broadest spectrum of nutritional needs.

    Ingredients: Elder Flower, Meadowsweet, Plantain, Nettle Leaf, Oats, Oat Groats, Oat Tops, Rose Petals, Goldenrod, Maypop, Milk Thistle Powder, Persimmon, Celery Seed. Size: 4.4oz

    Small Pet Select - Young At Heart Blend Herbal Blend - B01FGKIP7I